Our mission is to make you feel like you’re walking on air with the most technically advanced and stylish compression socks.


Next Level Comfort


At Belair, happy feet are a way of life. That’s why we’ve set out to create stylish socks that keep you more comfortable and energized all day long. We believe support starts from the bottom up. With 360-degree stretchability and odourless, antimicrobial fibres, these athleisure, all-purpose compression socks are inspired by you and the life you live.


Getting Technical


Belair compression socks combine innovation and inspiration. We’ve used cutting-edge fabrics and technology to create these premium compression socks. However, the real secret behind Belair is the signature 80-20 split of advanced moisture wicking nylon and stretchy spandex/Lycra, which help the socks keep their strength and shape. We believe quality is a by-product of care. By putting the best in, you get the best out.


Building a Better Sock


It took a few months and dozens of tries, but our idea of building a better sock was about more than, well—socks. We wanted to make a product that was good for the world, too. From choosing ethically sourced fabrics and materials to working with manufacturing facilities that treat and pay their employees equitably, our purpose is to keep you feeling good every day—from head to toe.