Pulling-up Your Socks: A How to Guide

If you’ve never worn compression socks before, getting them on can be a bit of a trick. However, there is a method that makes it easier—and your socks will last longer, too!

 how to wear compression socks


  1.  Start by sliding the whole sock up over your arm, evening glove style. The palm of your hand should be resting in the heel.
  2.  Next, you want to start at the elbow and bunch the sock down towards the heel. You basically want to end up with a little pocket for your toes.
  3.  Put your toes into the pocket and adjust the sock so it’s comfortable. Then you simply want to allow the sock to unravel as you pull it up the leg.
  4.  Bring the cuff up to just below the knee, and enjoy the sensation of happy feet and legs.